About Us

The products which the consumers need are nowadays being manufactured or produced in many place of the World, in different countries and cities, the increasing competition requires, providing and developing the continuity of the market share.

The cost criteria to be kept under control in everyday - operations. The importance of the transporters who act for early delivery of the products into the consumers marketaround the world takes promince at this stage.

Growth and Globalisation of the producer companies to a meaning that the products are sold in many points all over the World. The supply of the raw materials and semi-finished products to be required for production, and the organisation of the activities regarding the production process and transportation of the products to the sales points and consumers through the distrubition network gains a very considerable importance. Any defective performance of the relevant organisation will cause the dissatisfaction of the customerdue to defective service offereing and will result in lose of competitive advantage.

At this stage, the companies which have completed their local-global-logistic-transportation organisations comes into play. There is a need for logistics suppliers which can provide a timely delivery of goods to the consumers, for the goods to take their place at the sales points that would optimize the cost of activities from row material stage to the consumer delivery.

Our Company, Interline, which has been acting in transportation sector since 1991, with its local and global agency network acting in more than 100 Countries and with its expert and experienced personnel on International Transport, gives service for the solution of all these transportation problems.