Sea Freight

Nowadays, Marine Transportation, after construction of modern vessels, has decreased the  period for intercontinental transportations ans increased transported freight capacity and thus provides an ecenomic transportation for exporters and importers as well as creating an increased market share all over the world.Interline, with its international  agencies, has been delivering any kind of export-import product on the basis of parcel (LCL) or on the basis of complete container (FCL), from specified transfer ports or by direct transportation to the final destination point.

Interline has been giving service in container transportation at highly competitive prices due to its agreements with important vessel lines.

Full Container Load Service - FCL

Complete Container Transportations are performed with the best delivery times and pricing, within the framework of the service which is required from all ports af the World to Turkeyto a third country.

Partial Container Load Service - LCL

Not withstanding the volume or tonnage of the products which can not fulfil a complete container, we have been offering partial container transportation service by means of large agency network, from any location of the World to Turkey or from Turkey to any desired port or address on a weekly basis.